cremation 28

Black Granite roseblock with Ceramic plaque and Silver vase

cremation 30

Small granite roseblock with ceramic plaque

cremation 37

Large granite roseblock with ceramic plaque

cremation 38

Small roseblock memorial with ceramic plaque

cremation 45

Grey roseblock with ceramic plaque & matching base

ceramic 1

Granite woodring and ceramic insert

bronze 1

Granite Rock with inset Bronze Plaque

bronze 2

Concrete Desk with Bronze Plaque, space allowed for additional plaque

ceramic 2

White Pearl Eternity and splayed base with ceramic plaque

bronze 3

Black Granite Memorial with Rocked Sides and Inset Plaques

ceramic 3

Full colour ceramic panel with Tigers

bronze 4

Bronze plaque on sloping concrete base & berm

ceramic 5

Wingset with full size ceramic plaques on face of black granite memorial

ceramic 6

Beveled Granite Plate Memorial with Ceramic Photo Plate

ceramic 7

Heart with Carved Roses Memorial and Two Full Colour Ceramic Tiles

ceramic 8

250 x 150 ceramic tile set into volcanic boulder memorial headstone

ceramic 9

Granite Headstone with Ceramic Photo Tile

ceramic 10

Scenic Ceramic Photo on back of Granite Memorial

ceramic 11

Ceramic tile over headstone face


Granite plaque

Hiles Smith22465

Marble look ceramic plaque


granite plaque

McGregor21746 2

Black carved teddy with black guitar & ceramic plaque on base

ceramic plaque set into granite rock


Grey manaia sculpture on slanted base with ceramic plaque

Photo panel


photo panel ceramic plaque


Black roseblock with marble look ceramic plaque


Light grey triple koru sculpture with ceramic panel

Dean Mahjong 22258

Black saddle with ceramic mahjong tiles & matching black base


Evergreen straight top headstone with traceries & photo ceramic plaque

Nich memorial wall

Niche memorial wall plaques

Cherrington Angel

Grey weeping angel with M5 sloped base with ceramic photo collage


granite plaque


Black granite flat top with ceramic panel overlay