Gray tree

Carved Granite Tree on Plain Base with Dome Vases


Half Saddle with Eternity and Vase block on Slant Base


Tall Rolled edge headstone and base with turned granite vase holders


Ruby Red Pillar Set On Plain Base with Round Vase Blocks


Black Radius on grey silver slant base with black panel and tall silver vases

cremation 1

Bevel black granite wave headstone with vase and splayed base

cremation 6

Camber top headstone with gold inscription and vase to match

cremation 7

Nightrose butterfly with gold inscription on slanted base with single vase

cremation 10

Emerald pearl radius top headstone on slanted base with single gold vase

cremation 13

Beveled wave cremation headstone on slanted base with single vase

cremation 15

Black saddle on plain base with vase

cremation 20

Camber top black granite headstone on splayed base with two black vases

cremation 28

Black Granite roseblock with Ceramic plaque and Silver vase

cremation 41

Large granite roseblock on matching base with vase

stone art 32

Standard black flower container


Green low stainless vase


Purple & pink low stainless vases


Coloured Flower containers


A selection of flower containers