Blue pearl split saddle with eternity and bases

fullcovers 1

Teardrop shaped headstone on full granite overtop

fullcovers 2

Black desk on double concrete plastered ledger

fullcovers 3

Angel heart slant base on concrete plastered ledger

fullcovers 4

Black granite rock and base headstone & concrete plastered kerbing

fullcovers 5

Ceramic plaque carved cross concrete plastered kerbing

fullcovers 6

Granite A10 plate and plinth concrete plastered overtop

fullcovers 7

White pearl book and pedestal on stairway base with kerbset

fullcovers 8

Heart with carved roses and plastered concrete kerbing

fullcovers 9

Granite saddle with matching base on concrete ledger top

fullcovers 10

Book shaped granite headstone on plastered overtop

fullcovers 11

Large rockpitch headstone on polished margin base with plastered concrete kerbin

fullcovers 12

Blue Pearl Oval Koru from back

fullcovers 13

Headstone on Fully plastered concrete grave cover

fullcovers 14

Tear shaped granite headstone on full granite grave cover

fullcovers 15

Black desk slant base concrete plastered kerbing

fullcovers 16

Granite book shaped headstone on concrete plastered kerbing

fullcovers 17

White pearl book on pedestal with stairway base and kerbs


Rock edged headstone on base & concrete plastered full cover


Blue Pearl full kerbing with weedmat & pebbles on concrete foundation


Triple koru headstone on a concrete plastered full cover


Kerala Green Rocpitch with sloping M5 base & concrete kerbing


Koru3N on smooth trowel finish full cover