Fully carved teddy


Fully carved teddy rear view


Evergreen bevel edge stone with matching base and carved koru

childrens 10

Black heart matching base character traceries

childrens 14

Fully Carved Teddy Bear

childrens 2

Blue pearl butterfly on black plinth & base

childrens 4

Black teardrop design

childrens 5

Round Top with grey slant base

childrens 6

Butterfly shape rock edged childs memorial

childrens 9

Black all polished heart shaped stone with matching black base

cremation 25

Black kited plate, photo, matching base

Katu Potaka22497

Carved fairy teardrop with cerise letters & traceries on matching black base


Black carved angel heart with rose tracery & matching base


Black childs memorial with butterfly & star & matching black base

Murrell childs

Black camber & check headstone with rainbow, bee & flower traceries

Cherrington Angel

Grey weeping angel with M5 sloped base with ceramic photo collage


Spiderman tracery on back of headstone

Dravitzki 121307

Black half saddle set with double base & blue pearl butterfly headstone


Black fairytear carved memorial with matching M5 sloped base


Black heart headstone on black sloped base with heart photo

Brown child 22104

Nightrose butterfly with nightrose base & white ceramic rose

Brown child back crop 22104

Nightrose butterfly with teddy angel tracery & white ceramic rose


Black saddle with angel tracery & matching black base