How long does a headstone take to complete and install?

We work on having the headstone installed in 4-6 weeks. This will depend on whether we have the headstone in stock or if it is a special design.

If there is a special date you need the headstone installed by, for example an unveiling or anniversary, we can have work completed by that date.

If you require a custom made design or an item not in stock then please allow 3-4 months.

Can we ask for a free quote?

Yes we can provide you with a free no obligation quote.

Do cemeteries have restrictions on what type of headstone we can install?

Most cemeteries throughout New Zealand differ in there rules and regulations.

Some have height & width restrictions and these can apply to different areas in the cemetery. We can provide you with information on what is allowed in the cemetery where you require work done.

Can we have a photograph put on the headstone and what do we need to provide?

Yes we can organise to have a colour or black & white ceramic photo put on the headstone. We will require either an original photograph or a jpeg file between 500KB to 1MB. A clear image is best!

If I have a design in mind, can it be etched into the headstone?

Yes. We have requests all the time for designs. The designs help to personalise the memorial by showing hobbies or personal interests. We have many images on our computer which may suit you or you can provide us with a design of your own.

What if I've seen a headstone in a cemetery and I would like the same kind?

If you would like to write down the name that appears on the headstone and which cemetery it is in, we can advise you further.

Can I design my own type of headstone with your help?

Yes we are committed to providing our clients with the type of memorial they require.