Choosing a memorial

Our team at Anderson Memorials is committed to helping you choose a memorial as unique & special as the loved one it is for.

The memorial craftsman uses natural stone granite because it has proven it to be more weather resistant & better able to accept a clearer inscription than any other single material at such a reasonable cost. It has incredible surface resistance to all normal corrosive elements & therefore requires minimal maintenance.

We have a large selection of granite colours to choose from.

There are different types of finishes for a memorial headstone including all polished which gives a smooth appearance & is fairly maintenance free to rock finishes that give a natural rustic look but require some maintenance in the future.

We have many designs in stock but we can also offer custom made to order designs to suit your requirements.

Ceramic photos are available to personalize the memorial headstone & make it unique for your loved one.

Artwork can be etched into the headstone to depict the loved ones hobbies, sports, loves etc. We have samples available but can also use our customers own designs.

We have well stocked showrooms available in Wanganui, Feilding & Palmerston North with a selection of memorial headstones on display for our customers to view.

Alternatively our website includes memorial galleries for our customers to view & a contact us email option for customer enquires.

 Why Choose Us

Our team is committed to helping you choose a memorial as unique & special as the loved one it is for.


We Offer:

  • Personalised friendly service

  • Expert advice

  • Honesty & commitment

  • Competitive pricing

  • Extensive knowledge in the industry

  • Fully qualified tradesmen

  • Indoor showrooms

  • Large selection in store

  • Design ideas

Planning your memorial inscription

Our staff are dedicated to offering expert advice when it comes to planning your memorial inscription.

Most lettering now is computer generated, but our trades people have the ability to produce lettering using all the methods which have evolved over the years. Right from the hand-cut lead letters with a hammer and chisel, to hand-cut sandblasted letters, we are able to produce the type and style to satisfy all our clients. Additional inscriptions on existing headstones are always in the style and set out of the original lettering no matter how long ago the headstone was installed.

With new memorials we are able to provide a layout of the lettering to view before it is cut in stone. We have many tracery designs or embellishments to complement the inscription or alternatively we have the ability to use your own design to make the memorial unique. The colour and lettering is usually decided between silver and gold. Gold lettering is 23 carat gold leaf which is inserted into the letter. Cut in or incised or embossed letters are another choice available.

We can offer you examples of the different types of lettering available & epitaphs to choose from to personalize your chosen memorial.

Design Concepts

We offer a massive range of designs, as well as having the ability to customise any idea to meet your own requirements. Browse our gallerys for ideas or feel free to contact us to discuss any alternatives.

Memorial Bases

All headstones in the modern Lawn Cemeteries stand on a memorial base which in turn stands on the concrete berm provided by the local authority. The size of the memorial base is usually dictated by the local council or cemetery authorities. These vary considerably from cemetery to cemetery and our knowledgeable staff can advise you of these requirements. Most bases are granite & match the headstone colour although many larger full cover overtops are still reinforced concrete & plaster finish. More and more clients are choosing granite bases because of its hardwearing properties & low maintenance. Bases can incorporate vases for flowers which come in different granite colours & styles. Also available to add a unique touch to your chosen base are a variety of coloured ceramic majolica roses, upright granite eternity & koru designs & a variety of statues . Our tradesmen are well trained in the area of fine plastering concrete bases and we guarantee satisfaction if this option is chosen. The correct location of plots, payment of permit fees etc are all dealt with by us.


The purchase of a memorial is an individual & personal choice & quite often these choices differ from one customer to the next. There are so many different memorials & combinations available that it is impossible for us to include a standard price list. However most people would pay between $2,500 and $3,500 for a burial headstone.

Decisions that will affect the price may be:

  • The finish of the headstone
  • Granite colours
  • The size of the headstone
  • The colour & amount of lettering
  • The shape & design of the headstone
  • The type of memorial base
  • The location of the Cemetery
  • Any extras to be added to the headstone (eg. ceramic photo or traceries)
  • Is the memorial for cremation or burial

If you would like a price on any of the headstones shown on our website, please use the contact us on our website to make an email enquiry or ring our office to discuss this & we will be able to help you further.
We also have a wide range of headstones on display in our showrooms so if you are located in the Wanganui or Manawatu area & would like to call to view these we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

A free no obligation quote is available.


The granites are worked to give the following finishes:


    This finish gives a glass-like smooth highly polished reflective surface. It is achieved by a process similar to rubbing but is finished with chemically impregnated fine abrasive and felt pads.

  • ROCK:

    This natural rock finish is left after a sharp blow with a pitching tool (rather like a blunt chisel) and is only suitable for edges.